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How much does an African elephant weigh?

... have to admit - you don't have to know that exactly. But there are lots of interesting questions concerning animals. During times when many species are in danger of extinction, there is growing interest in them and the wish to get informations. These pages want to make a little contribution to raising interest for animals and answer questions, providing texts about our co-inhabitants. They are not a complete encyclopedia but a collection of articles, which are published in loose sequence. In addition there are the corresponding animal pictures, of course.

ElephantAfrican elephant - Popular and disputed like no other animal
African grey parrotAfrican grey parrot - More than an eloquent lodger
African hunting dogAfrican hunting dog - Endangered dogs of the savannah
AgoutiAgoutis - Masters of the Brazil nut
AlligatorAlligator - Careful croc
Anubis baboonAnubis baboon - community gives strength
Arctic hareArctic hare - Snow-white through the winter
BabirusaBabirusa - A pig with teeth like antlers
Bali starlingBali starling - One of the rarest birds
Brown bearBrown bear - The giants of tundra and mountains

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